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WEEE Can Recycle Limited
Unit 118
Hume Avenue
RM18 8DX

Tel: 01375 845 858
Email: info@w-c-r.co.uk


top left curve WEEE Can Recycle Limited (WCR): Approximate Weight Table top right curve

WEEE Can Recycle Limited (WCR): Approximate Weight Table

The following weights are for illustrated purposes only and in no way provide any guarantee as to the weight WEEE. In all cases, the weight of material will be defined by WCR through the use of its’ own calibrated weighing equipment; this weight will be final and binding. All WEEE received will be weighed in batches “per WEEE Category” and not by individual item unless specifically agreed otherwise. Clients may wish to consider arranging for their WEEE to be weighed prior to dispatch for comparative purposes.

Please note that we accept ANY electrical and electronic waste as well as other metal wastes that may not be described below.

Caption: A Table of Recyclable Waste Types and their Weight Approximations
Waste Type Weight
Domestic fridge / freezer 40 – 80 kg
Commercial fridge / freezer 80 – 150 kg
Other large household appliances 40 – 120 kg
Video game control 2 – 8 kg
Keyboards / mice etc. 1.5 kg
Scanner / fax / printer 20 – 50 kg
Small household / consumer appliances 0.15 – 12 kg
Electric tools 1 – 15 kg
Television 20 – 60 kg
PC monitor 10 – 20 kg
PC hard drive 5 – 10 kg
Lawn mower 20 – 40 kg


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