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WEEE Can Recycle Limited
Unit 118
Hume Avenue
RM18 8DX

Tel: 01375 845 858
Email: info@w-c-r.co.uk


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WEEE Can Recycle Limited (WCR): Services

At WEEE Can Recycle Limited (WCR) we pride ourselves on the high quality services that we provide to industry. Below is a list of our core services and information regarding each service.

If you require further information regarding any or all of our services please contact us.

Managed specialist logistics and decommissioning

Our experienced collection team picks up your redundant equipment at an agreed time from your Location, pack it carefully onto pallets, and deliver it safely to our processing facility.

All WEEE equipment received at our site is assessed on arrival, and where appropriate, broken down into different component types for example plastics, metals, copper and glass that is then sent to specialist recyclers. We ensure that all aspects of the treatment of the WEEE is to the UK standards, and complies with all environmental duty of care and other waste legislation.

Recent investment has been made to ensure that our facilities are fully accredited and licensed to accept, store, treat and recycle all ten categories of the forthcoming WEEE Directive, in addition to accepting items of electrical waste already deemed hazardous.

In addition, we have established a UK wide network of WEEE treatment and recycling sites to further enhance our total WEEE solutions.

WEEE Can Recycle Limited

Recycling and environmental disposal

Using the latest environmental and ethical recycling techniques, we maximise the value of recyclable components and minimise the environmental impact of disposal. For example, with our recycling processes, rather than simply crushing equipment and sending them to landfill, as many components as possible are recovered, which can then be re-used in new applications. This minimises negative environmental impacts.

WEEE Can Recycle Limited

Added Value Services

Whether you require a full recycling waste management service or simply want to find an alternative outlet to landfill for your recyclable materials, we can help you find the value in your waste.

We can accept and treat all types of E-Waste listed under the ten categories of the WEEE Directive Click here for details. We also recycle and recover the metals (ferrous, aluminum and precious), plastics, cardboard, copper and glass and other fractions.

WEEE Can Recycle Limited

Other services

  • Refrigerator recycling services (waste fridges and freezers and air conditioning units)
  • Electronic and electrical recycling services including:
    • Televisions and PC monitor recycling (CRTs)
    • IT & Telecommunication equipment recycling (computer hardware etc).
    • Large and small household appliance recycling
    • and all other Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
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